Australian-born Veronika Bowyer’s artistic insight and curiosity permeated her life from the earliest memories.

At first vibrantly embracing her studies, Bowyer gradually shifted away from formal art academia and into a realm of creating without formalities.  Her independent expression and medium playfulness exude a freedom of mind that is evident in her contemporary works today.

As a sculptor and painter, her inspiration is founded on pushing the boundaries of emotions. Bowyer’s artistic wanderings contemplate and explore the choices we make, our abilities to move forward or stay as we are, reflections of past and future, whether our emotions hinder our fulfilment, and how we emotionally push through invisible barriers. Emotional introspection affects her musings as an artist during the creating process, which in turn echoes powerfully through to the viewer.

Bowyer’s connection to the ‘process’ interweaves with the materials themselves, evolving into multiple layers overlapping in transparency of light and space. Her works exhibit a delicate quality whilst still energetic and bold. Her repetitive movement in the chiselling of stone or the manipulation of flowing paint produces elegantly abstract forms with a striking minimalist aesthetic. 

To engage in Bowyer’s works is like unravelling unique emotions you were not aware of. With almost surreal understanding, one is drawn in by the very inspiration in which they were created.  Contemplations of her works will leave one with a lightness of soul.
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